George Michael in the Costco parking lot? Is George Michael still alive or are my eyes playing tricks on me? You, decide!

This is part of my plan to document the weirdness that I personally experience in life.  Things I am actually able to capture on a camera as a still image or video.  I don’t know why I’m motivated to do it but I am and hope other people get something out of my experience.  Are my eyes playing tricks on me?  I doubt it.  I’m not a fan of George Michael, however I don’t dislike him either but have seen enough of him over the years to believe I would recognize him in public.  Especially the way he appeared toward the end of his life.  Not a bad thing, just easily recognizable.

Imagine you’ve loaded the car with your Costco goodies and are driving through the parking lot.   Then from the left side, dude is walking like a zombie through the parking lot in a oddly straight line and if I don’t stop or slow down the car I will surely run him over.  Nearly stopped, I’m suddenly having Deja vu.  It’s the whole package, the hair cut, greying facial hair, distinctive face, dark suit jacket, white shirt, jeans, sunglasses.  Then I remembered seeing something on one of the local news stations website when I was checking the weather that he had died.

I’m not a believer in ghost or the supernatural.  The experience is interesting though.  I’m more fascinated by how I was able pick up those details and I’ll use the word- superimpose some kind of George Michael overlay on the guy.  I wonder if the guy was still alive if I would be adamant about have actually seen him from the experience.  Interesting stuff to think about.  Mostly I wish the camera had been able to capture his face better because he really looked very much like George Michael.  The most surprising part and what motivated me to post the video was how much he looked like him after checking online when I went back home.

It wasn’t until several hours later that I remembered the dash camera.  After watching the video I couldn’t help but post it to my YouTube channel.  Anyone checking out the video let me know what you think. -13


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