Wiki Leaks Twitter post about C.I.A. Vault 7 DARKMATTER leads to quietly released Apple iOS 10.3 update! SPY vs. SPY crap will sabbotage us all!

Anyone else miss the update from Apple for your iPhone?  I stumbled on the Wiki Leaks Twitter post about the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) Vault 7 DARKMATTER while I was working on my Twitter page.  Checked my phone and there was no hint of an update available.  Unlike the past where updates showed up like a message on my phone.

It wasn’t until I checked for an update did the phone know there was one.  Followed all the steps. I put in this little video montage up about it.  I think it is odd they tried to force me to put in credit card information to complete the process.  Just one more thing to leave out for the hackers to steal.  Apple always full of “good” ideas.  For the brainwashed-corporate-group-think.  But, that’s just my thoughts.

iMovie and the Trailers templates are turing out to be real fun to use.  Used the SPY theme for this one. -13

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