Reconnaissance for the future. Target – National Guard

Civil unrest involving the deployment of national guard units are an excellent opportunity for intelligence gathering.  As we know from the past that national guard and regular troops will attack and shoot Americans if ordered to do so.  The best examples I can think of are the Bonus Army and Kent State incidents.  Another concern and why I write this is the firearm confiscation conducted by the Louisiana national guard along with local police.  Something I find unacceptable.

It’s been proven that national guard and local police are more than willing to disarm anyone who chooses to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  I believe that it is advantageous to gather as much information about your local national guard unit as possible.  Such as what is the units function?  What is the units combat experience?  What equipment, vehicles and weapons do they keep in the armory and motor pool?  What resources of any kind that may be useful are on hand?  How large is the regular staff?


Kent State University students falling as they are being murdered by national guard troops.

What makes a short notice deployment so useful is the probability that there will be the POVs of the personnel.  That’s vehicles and license plates.  These could be very useful in many ways should it become necessary in the future.  I support the NG and regular military when deployed for lawful purposes.  They loose all support and immunity when they overstep and violate the U. S. Constitution.

I hope this gets one to thinking about how the information could be used.  And, I’d like it to also be a reminder, those would violate our rights will be held accountable at all cost.  Food for thought, cant wait to see what happens next. -13

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