Amazon Store

Just posting a link and expecting you to shop there isn’t enough I thought I’d write this so you can understand how things work a little better.  Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop online for all kinds of things.  I put this link here after learning of the Amazon affiliates program as a way to support my blog, video and homesteading efforts.  Everything I have listed in the store has been “handpicked” by me because of its proven abilities.  I do not have any product or item listed unless it has been used and tested to perform and it does what the company claims.  I try to not put junk in the store and only essential items, no filler just to make a sale on cheap stuff.  I make a small commission on each sale and it never affects the price.  I do not own a store or products my links direct you to the place to get good stuff and tell them who to send the commission to.  I’m always going to tell you this “always look for the lowest price and get it there”.  Note: when you click the link below it will take you off the WordPress site over to Amazon.  Thank you for your support! -13


My Amazon Gateway