Unit-13 FREMSLT web site is a personal online written/video diary of my homestead journey. The intent is empowering people by sharing information, valuable lessons learned, my personal video diary and real-life product reviews accentuated by my dark, morbid, macabre, detached sense of humor. Unit-13 FREMSLT defined: Unit-13= unit number, radio call-sign, F= Fire, R= Rescue, EMS= Emergency Medical Service, LT= Lieutenant. The site is hosted by a former Lieutenant in emergency services. Experience with human and animal emergencies since 1979. I also have experience working with animals as a zookeeper/veterinary technician/humane officer and a little time in most of the building trades. Maybe something here will help you. This site will document my homestead journey right up to my death. Join me if you dare and you too can experience the good, bad and ugly of it all with me.