Unit 13’s Blacklisted ebay Sellers


The ebay SELLER BLACKLIST, reeks of McCarthyism doesn’t it?  I’m not very creative the title is the best I could come up with.  It is what it is.  This list was a project I meant to start long ago but forgot so most all of the messages have been deleted.  I won’t have them to offer as evidence of my experience.  It mostly comes from my memory.

As a bidder on ebay since 2005 purchasing hundreds of items I’ve had the opportunity to do business with some fantastic sellers and some that don’t belong on the website.  The idea for this page came after experiences with ebay sellers that lack in customer service skills.  I don’t know if they don’t care or they’re simply people with bad attitudes.  Either way word of mouth advertising is priceless for any business.  I feel if I had a bad experience with a company and don’t share that with others they may fall prey to the same experience.

To be sure ebay management does not monitor seller ratings.  I’ve spoken with ebay staff that have told me if a customer does not contact them personally to complain about a seller they will not be aware of any issues a customer is having.  This leaves customer ratings to inform a potential buyer of how a particular seller treats customers, handles issues with items sold etc.  I have learned the hard way that the only ratings that matter on any seller is the negative ones.  Those negative ratings can show us how accurate the description of the item was, condition and shipping issues among others.  Also as important is how a seller responds to questions about items or policy such as returns.

An important thing to note about ebay policy.  If the customer does not file a formal complaint to ebay about a seller nothing will be done about it.  Only after enough customers complain will ebay investigate a seller.  It is the responsibility of the customer to contact ebay if they want something done about a seller.  I urge anyone having issues with a seller to contact ebay as soon as the trouble starts.  Its the only way to effect change.

This list is not a list advising anyone to not do business with a particular seller on ebay.  The good thing is there aren’t many on here.  It is a list of my experiences with sellers that do not meet my customer service standards.  Sellers I will not do business with based on the following:

How the seller responded or didn’t respond to item question/s.

Wrong items send.

Inaccurate description/s.

Item/s never shipped or received.




Seller: a_hiash_hafgpptr

Item: Military surplus ACU bivy.

Experience: Item listed as new, not in original packaging as shown in the photograph.  Message sent though ebay “This item is not in the original packaging how do you know it’s new?”  Seller response: “Then don’t bid on it if you don’t like it”  With an attitude like that I wouldn’t give the seller a penny if the seller was starving.  What a way to handle a legitimate question to verify how the seller knows the item is new.  Message to sellers if you want to make this list then act like a_hiash_hafgpptr does.

Seller: etaguns

Item: NcStar backpack listed as in stock.

Experience: Purchased using buy-it-now, was sent a FedEx tracking number with an expected delivery date.  I waited two days before checking on the status to allow for the system to have accurate information.  Day two item showed as FedEx was still waiting for the item to arrive to be shipped.  For the next several days the tracking information showed the same thing, awaiting arrival to the shipper.  I contacted FedEx to verify the item had not arrived at their facility and it had not.  Contacted etaguns, was advised they would get back in contact with me within an hour.  After an hour had passed I contacted etaguns again and was advised they would get back to me in two days.  Note that by the time the two days would pass it would have been past the expected delivery date.

I contacted etaguns again and advised them since the item had not been shipped to cancel the order.  No response from etaguns.  Contacted ebay staff via phone, informed them of the situation and was advised to dispute the charge on my credit card(CC) to get a refund since the seller was not responding.  I immediately contacted my CC company and disputed the charge then informed etaguns I had done so under ebay advisement.  A refund was issued the next day before my CC company had a chance to do anything.

Based on that experience I’ll never do business with them.  I also broke my ebay seller rule of checking the negative feedback because I wanted the backpack quickly.  What a mistake.  It looks like etaguns has some issues.  The following are feedback quotes before and after my experience.  “You should have canceled and refunded my money i cancelled immediately .”  “I never recieved my item and seller cancelled my order without explaination?”  “The seller never shipped the item so I had to ask for a refund.”  “Never received item. Was canceled and refunded”

Seller: suhailsalim

Item: Medical instruments.

Experience: Ordered using buy-it-now option.  Seller sent wrong instruments.  Wrong instruments returned to seller.  Seller sent wrong instruments again.  Returned for refund .  Will not do business because the seller couldn’t be bothered to double check the order after sending the wrong items the first time.  Also sellers medical instruments are very low quality that I would not want to use on any patient.

Seller negative feedback.  “said would refund and didn’t poor quality SLOW SHIPPING”  “Junk! Broke as soon as I clamped down with them! Not stainless steel at all”  “Poorly made, really low quality product, and worst customer service”  “Scissor Doesn’t Cut. Seller said a credit is coming. I’m still waiting!”

Seller: medicalproductsdepot

Item: Box of adhesive bandage, band-aid type.

Experience: Item ordered as buy-it-now.  Seller sent wrong item.  Attempted to contact seller over the course of a week with ebay messenger.  I was going to offer to pay the seller for the wrongly sent bandages then pay for the item I originally ordered which cost more. Seller never responded to any of those messages.  I called ebay, they refunded the payment.  Because medicalproductsdepot never responded to my messages and after reading other customers feedback is why medicalproductsdepot made this list.

Seller has to my eyes a pattern of getting something wrong in the description then blaming the customer while attempting to make the seller look good.  The following feedback is my example.  “Think twice, never provided return label, ebay refunded payment, kept item” -Seller response “That’s correct, we corrected a clerical error, and WE LET YOU KEEP THEM ANYWAY!”  “Not miltex not answer bad service bad communication” Item description: Miltex HALSTED Mosquito Forceps, Curved 7-4 Hemostat Made in Germany by Miltex  -Seller response “Correction – Buyer is confused, read ad, look at picture, same item we sent to u”  “Poor communications. Did not respond to my inquiry. Had to use Resolution Center”  -Seller response “No contact at all from you, no email, nothing, please use EBAY MESSAGES!

It appears to me this seller cannot handle negative feedback and has a bad attitude toward customers that doesn’t set well with me.

Seller: noveltwholesale

Item: A very cool LED ray gun toy.

Experience: Ordered using buy-it-now.  Item arrived damaged in an undamaged package.  Requested a refund or replacement.  Seller advised seller would send a replacement ray gun.  Seller sent a LED sword as the replacement.  I contacted noveltwholesale about the incorrectly sent item and was advised by noveltwholesale that I should be happy with the replacement although it was not a ray gun.  Accused me of trying to get something for free.  I filed a complaint with ebay and was advised to send the item back.  I did but did not use tracking(never again).  The item never arrived back to the seller so no refund was issued.  Due to the sellers attitude and accusation of me trying to get something for free is why noveltwholesale is on this list.

Feedback exchange with seller: “Substandard packaging, sent wrong replacement, very slow response-filed claim”  -Seller response “and i gave you a refund for the defective item thanks plus you got free toys”  My response “refund not received provide evidence broken laser sword 2 replace broken raygun?”  I never received free toys as eluded by noveltwholesale.