It went something like this, Commie K. O. ! Instant Karma?

Didn’t I mention this kind of response in the past?  While I was enjoying the air conditioned comfort of my office, this average, everyday American and his friends were out exercising freedom in Portland, OR.  Amazing footage.  From where I’m sitting it looks like he could have shot the thug with the baton in self defense.  That, would have been boring and risked all those people in the background.

Better than that, the freedom-fighter catches a baton strike with one hand and delivers the K.O. punch with the other.  This kind of thing has been going on for a while now but this footage is particularly good.  Watch it and you will know why it was worth watching.  Especially if you enjoy thugs getting what is so well deserved.  It’s all fun and games until somebody gets K.O.’d. Then you call people like me.  “medic!” -13

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Death From Above: A cautionary tale of firearms safety.

This very short video, less than one minute makes the point that not everyone should own firearms and how important firearms training is.  The video is multiple view still images of an unknown caliber round that was discovered on our screened porch the morning after July 4th.  It had enough force to impress a flat area on the side and mushroom the tip of the round.  The end picked up paint from the floor.  It’s is clear to see in the images.  I think it would have penetrated skin had it struck someone.  Thats all about the video the rest is a rant you might want to skip.

Don’t be the idiot who only fires his gun on New Years eve and July 4th into the air in celebration.  If that is you, get training, go to the range and shoot or sell it!  Anyone doing dumb shit like firing into the air is too egotistical to be able to handle the responsibility of safely carrying or owing firearms in my opinion.

Every single person I’ve met that would commit such an act has always demonstrated to me they were egotistical and wanted everyone to be scared of them.  Wanted everyone to know they owned firearms.  Ever met those guys?  Shit-talker-know-nothings.  They think they’re so good with their firearm they need no training or practice.  We know the reason they don’t go is because the facade of bullshit they created won’t stand up to scrutiny at the range.

Once again I’ll be skipping the outdoor activities for the air-conditioned safety of my home.  I’ve worked with the military, intimately familiar with some explosions, fireworks are pretty but they don’t compare to real stuff exploding. -13

For information about your Second Amendment Rights or Firearms Safety visit Gun Owners of America

CENSORED! How to stop a mass shooting or robbery in 20 seconds. Destroying the anti civil rights gun control agenda.

How do you stop a mass shooting or robbery in 20 seconds?  Create your own safe-space by taking full responsibility and control of your liberty.  Be prepared and never leave home without your personal protective equipment.  This version of this incident demonstrates it well.  This is about facts and rubbing it in the nose of those anti civil rights gun control fanatics who seek to disarm us.  Talk about un-American.  I would be a complete idiot to be placed in danger because of irrational fears, projections or any other ego trip they might be on.  Observing the bullshit put out by news business that clearly have an agenda made me want to respond with a visual aid for the most stupid ass among us to comprehend. 21:52:24 Entry, 21:52:44 All clear! 20 seconds.  Grandpa covered all their asses.  Case closed!  -13

UPDATE 4 JULY 2018 The video below has been censored by YouTube in a war against your second amendment civil rights.  They are an enemy of freedom yet claim to be for free speech.  Enemies of freedom must be held accountable.