Hit & Run Accident Survival Kit inspired by the Tillie Tooter story.

Photo by Aleksejs Bergmanis on Pexels.com

I’m not sure how long ago I saw the story where Tillie Tooter was trapped in her car right here in Broward county for about three days before someone just happened to find her. It got me to thinking about what would I have wanted with me if I experienced something similar. After reading the quotes and watching the video of her experience I came up with just a few items one may need for those few days.

Water seems to be the most common thing I hear survivors of anything talk about so it must be the most important since we cannot live without it. I also thought that a high vitamin C content and electrolyte packets would be useful to help prevent dehydration and help sustain/fortify the body in the event food cannot be consumed in that time period.

The other disturbing thing was she had no way to make contact with anyone. No way to signal or indicate her location. The only way I can think of as a way to signal anyone under those circumstances without a phone or radio would be the flares. Sure it could pose a fire hazard but the risk may be worth it. Staying in place doesn’t seem like a good choice. The idea came from the flares carried in some military aircrew survival vest. At least mine did back in the early 80’s.

Mosquitoes! What a nightmare! I cannot imagine what that must have been like in a mangrove. Pond Apple Slough swamp-y-ness! I had a crazy experience in the Everglades once with them a horrific pestilent swarm. I think I would have drank DEET that day. Never again! So its the HOMS bite blocker and insect netting. Enough of that. Hope this video turns out good. -13


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