Death From Above: A cautionary tale of firearms safety.

This very short video, less than one minute makes the point that not everyone should own firearms and how important firearms training is.  The video is multiple view still images of an unknown caliber round that was discovered on our screened porch the morning after July 4th.  It had enough force to impress a flat area on the side and mushroom the tip of the round.  The end picked up paint from the floor.  It’s is clear to see in the images.  I think it would have penetrated skin had it struck someone.  Thats all about the video the rest is a rant you might want to skip.

Don’t be the idiot who only fires his gun on New Years eve and July 4th into the air in celebration.  If that is you, get training, go to the range and shoot or sell it!  Anyone doing dumb shit like firing into the air is too egotistical to be able to handle the responsibility of safely carrying or owing firearms in my opinion.

Every single person I’ve met that would commit such an act has always demonstrated to me they were egotistical and wanted everyone to be scared of them.  Wanted everyone to know they owned firearms.  Ever met those guys?  Shit-talker-know-nothings.  They think they’re so good with their firearm they need no training or practice.  We know the reason they don’t go is because the facade of bullshit they created won’t stand up to scrutiny at the range.

Once again I’ll be skipping the outdoor activities for the air-conditioned safety of my home.  I’ve worked with the military, intimately familiar with some explosions, fireworks are pretty but they don’t compare to real stuff exploding. -13

For information about your Second Amendment Rights or Firearms Safety visit Gun Owners of America

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