Micro Screwdrivers that Work on Eyeglasses!

Finally found something that works for those micro screws used on eyeglasses and other small items. The replacement dash cameras we’re using has two tiny screws that needed a few turns. No problem I thought I’ll get one out of my small screwdriver bag. Wasn’t one there that fit so I checked my eyeglasses repair kit and was quickly reminded I forgot to replace the junk bent ones that had been thrown away.

It also reminded me that I’ve never seen or used a good quality screwdriver for tiny screws.  From the eyeglasses repair kits to the jewelers screwdriver kit none of them held up.  The flat/slot blade always bent and the Phillips blades sheared or should I say smeared off with minimal use.  It was frustrating and maybe why I hadn’t gave the search much effort until recent needs forced me to do it.

Ready or not searching for replacements did not include anything I’d used in the past.  The junk jewelers and repair kit drivers shown above were out.  There had to be a better option but what and where to get it is always the issue.  As much as I would like to shop local I could  spend hours trying to find specialty tools where I live.  Searching the internet for tools led me to Amazon.

Over on the amazon site I consumed up the few hours “saved” looking for the tools online.  Spent a few minutes searching for drivers that met the size requirements then spent hours reading reviews.  The product reviews are priceless.  It is also easy to spot fake reviews.  In my experience the only ones that matter are the lowest with a comment.  Many of them had very useful information that completely influenced my purchase decision.


Based on what I’d read in the reviews a Wiha 260 Slotted/Flat 1.5mm x 40mm and a Wiha 261 Phillips /PH000 x 40 was purchased.  Each tool was about double the cost of an eyeglasses repair kit.  Wonder how many of those useless screwdrivers I’ve thrown away over the years?

They are what I expected.  Plastic handled screwdrivers with tiny tips with a rotating cap for single handed use.  There does seem to be a quality difference compared to drivers used in the past.  I don’t expect them to last forever based on the size.  The quality so far seems to be good.  After multiple uses on the cameras and all of our sun and reading glasses they seem to be holding up.

I’m certain I could have purchased at least three sets of these over the years and still been better off for the reduced stress level alone.  They fit the hand well are easy to use way better than what was used in the past.  If I can get several years of stress free use it will be worth the peace of mind to have them around.


I’m happy enough with them to purchase more in the near future.  For now these will be kept in our glasses repair kit.  The drivers can be seen in use in the video below.  -13


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