Anker Roav A1 Dash Camera Product Performance Review

Anker Roav A1 Dash Camera Product Performance Review.  It’s been a year now so I should be able to give an accurate review of this cameras performance.  I don’t know how those people who pull something straight out of a box without actually using it could give me an accurate review of the product.  An item like this has to be used for at least 6 months to a year in my opinion.

Two of these Roav A1’s were purchased from Amazon June 8 2018.  They have been used well.  Each camera records and average of 100+ 3 minute videos 5 to 6 days a week.  That’s a lot of video.

An important detail I forgot to mention in the review is if we use 32GB cards instead of 64BG SD cards the camera will start to record over the first videos taken.  The 64BG will record an entire day without over recording the older stuff.  I found out the hard way don’t let it happen to you.

I also forgot to mention that in the censored accident video the license tag can be see clearly.  The video features footage from the camera of various conditions to accurately represent what the camera will or won’t see.  Hope you find this video helpful in making your camera purchase decision. -13

Check out the video below.

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