Book Collector for the Home Library -My Experience

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Book Collector is a database software program for books.  It’s like a computerized card catalog.  I’ve been using it for almost a year now and have been very happy with the results.  I can list PDF’s on there like a book, enter books, recipes, videos, things I make myself, product manuals or information.  It has changed the way we deal with all of those items.

The other benefit is how it has actually taken a load off my shoulders trying to remember what I have, where it is.  Relief!  Now when I get a new book or product manual it gets entered into the database, placed into the appropriate place and I can forget about it.  If I need to know something all I have to do is type my curiosity into the search box and items will start filling the screen.

There is so much details on how it works it’s too much to write here or put into a video.  I did make a 33 minute video review and demonstrate how I use it with a few tips for a new user.  If someone has a large book collection or as in our case we have multiple individuals with large volumes of books, might find this a very useful program to use.  Currently there are over 700 items in that database so it’s easy to see how useful it will be for our homestead.

Future plans include a dedicated small computer that will fit on our kitchen counter.  We will then put Book Collector on there and an inventory program to keep track of all of our stuff.  For more on Book Collector check out the video below.  -13


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