Worm bin notes: Home sweet home!

Bin 1, week 3, or so. Big surprise that most of the waste was gone with so few worms. Mostly potato skins left at this point. I suspected they would be hungry because the soil they came from didn’t seem to have anything for them to consume. The availability of a steady food source makes big difference. I’d have a short video of them except when I turned on the light I either turn off the cam or never did. No matter the result is the same. Freeze frame with a voice over. Low budget! That’s what I get for trying to walk and chew gum at the same time.

The worms are doing well and appear to be growing and eating rapidly. The larvae that I thought might turn into a fruit fly swarm didn’t seem to leave a trace. I didn’t see any flying insects in or around the bin area. Nor were there piles of larvae swimming in rotting fruit. I was surprised to find the potato skins trying to grow after putting them in the bins many times before and not seeing it. Makes me think to cut the potatoes into smaller pieces to try for planting next time I raise potatoes. The the sun shines on this bin more so I suspect that may have help a little.

I added carrot skins, onion then lightly watered the vegetables on top to keep them moist for the worms. When dry it takes them much longer to get to and process.  Potato skins last for some time before it’s unrecognizable.  At this stage of the experiment I want to make it as easy as possible for the worms to do what ever they want to.  In a few more weeks I might be able to tell more what kind of worms are in there. -13

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