Worm bin notes: Eviction notice!

Bin 2 & 3. Both bins have generally been feed the same each waste dump. Bin 2 has usually taken a week longer or more for the same amount in bin 3 to disappear in about three to five days. The before and after videos and stills turned out to be useful for making it easy to see. Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching to see about how many more there are in 3 than two.

When I turn the waste cover off the worms it is clear the volume is significant. Based on those two facts I decided to evict a considerable amount of worms from 3 and move them a few feet into 2. I think that it will even out the population. For now I’ll spread out the waste and let them settle for another 5 days or so.

The video below has most of the action.

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