Worm bin notes: Change of plans

Worm bin- 2, 3.  Bin 2, most of the waste is slowly settling.  The cleared side looks mostly cleaned out.  No odor.  Bin 3, recently added waste was settling into the compost, worms were in abundance.*  No odor.  Cleared off side is ready for more waste.  Since the broccoli funk is gone I’ll add more waste to that side in both bins.  Looks like I’ll need to add more to bin 3 since they’re eating at a rapid pace.  They must be on a sugar rush from all the mangos.

Wanted to document the details in the video below.

*Bin 3, added worms from bin 1 several months ago.  I had some cardboard that I use as a leaf litter substitute. At some point palmetto bugs had set up home in one piece.  I missed it and introduced then into bin 1.  Now I bake the cardboard before I introduce it to the bin to cook off and eggs or insects.

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