Is WordPress on the censorship bandwagon?

I recently posted a very personal topical blog relevant to recent and past mass shooing events.  Self-control, why I made the choice not to kill an abuser?  I believe my story contradicts many believes held by people on many levels.  The original title was “Gun control, Self-control, why I made the choice not to kill an abuser”.  Given the nature of the title one would think it would have received some attention.  It has not received but one view.  Only one!  I thought changing the title might make a difference, it hasn’t.

One thing I have noticed about all my post here on WordPress is that they receive at least one view and it is immediately after making the post live.  Not minutes, not hours, immediately, no matter what time of the day it is.  That has always stuck me as strange how I could receive a view instantly after posting.  I’ve suspect it is WordPress filtering out words they don’t like or personal trigger topics much like google, pinterest, twitter, youtube had been proven to do. I think I started noticing it after my post PART 2: Psycho in the Mail? Thank you Debbie Wasserman Schultz! Reason number 3 why you should be prepared for —–anything!

This isn’t me bitching about not getting clicks or views I don’t make any money from it.  Everything here is out of pocket.  No affiliate links or advertisers.  That story, my personal history, is a profound one given the circumstances and has a real message about self control and choices and what a child might do under pressure and why.  I have a premium account there are no advertisers allowed here so that can’t be an issue.  Not sure what to think about it.  It does seem suspicious I could be completely wrong.  This has been on my mind because I think there might be something to help others in that story and was hoping it would help others make different choices.  If you read this and have an opinion I’d sure like to read it, post a comment below if you want. -13

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