Is WordPress on the censorship bandwagon?

I recently posted a very personal topical blog relevant to recent and past mass shooing events.  Self-control, why I made the choice not to kill an abuser?  I believe my story contradicts many believes held by people on many levels.  The original title was “Gun control, Self-control, why I made the choice not to kill an abuser”.  Given the nature of the title one would think it would have received some attention.  It has not received but one view.  Only one!  I thought changing the title might make a difference, it hasn’t.

One thing I have noticed about all my post here on WordPress is that they receive at least one view and it is immediately after making the post live.  Not minutes, not hours, immediately, no matter what time of the day it is.  That has always stuck me as strange how I could receive a view instantly after posting.  I’ve suspect it is WordPress filtering out words they don’t like or personal trigger topics much like google, pinterest, twitter, youtube had been proven to do. I think I started noticing it after my post PART 2: Psycho in the Mail? Thank you Debbie Wasserman Schultz! Reason number 3 why you should be prepared for —–anything!

This isn’t me bitching about not getting clicks or views I don’t make any money from it.  Everything here is out of pocket.  No affiliate links or advertisers.  That story, my personal history, is a profound one given the circumstances and has a real message about self control and choices and what a child might do under pressure and why.  I have a premium account there are no advertisers allowed here so that can’t be an issue.  Not sure what to think about it.  It does seem suspicious I could be completely wrong.  This has been on my mind because I think there might be something to help others in that story and was hoping it would help others make different choices.  If you read this and have an opinion I’d sure like to read it, post a comment below if you want. -13

Blank page mayhem is an understatement.  More like total refresh-page, login chaos.  Several weeks ago and last week I tried to login to my WordPress page and this was all I could see.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 8.15.26 PM

The image above is a screenshot of what I would see after logins and page refreshes. I’m sure over the time span hundreds of attempts were made. When I would get the page to load, any click would lead to a page like the one shown.  Looks like a WordPress page without anything.  No possible way to use their help because when I was able to click on it, same blank page.

It was maddening.  To make matters worse all I could find online about the same or similar problem was,  “WordPress White Screen of Death” and “professional debug” references.  Uh-oh!  After what seemed to be my ten thousandth attempt to reach a help page I did.

Not directly.  I searched for WordPress help and followed that link.  Finally I’d located a way to contact them for help on the issue.  Sent a note, then, woke up with a keyboard imprint on my face and computer mouse in my hand.  Wow did my neck hurt.  My face did too the keyboard makes a horrible pillow.  Hope I don’t do that again.  Go ahead and laugh its funny.

Awake it was time to work on 3-D, in the physical dimension projects.  Otherwise known as real life.  Now, not an hour after reading “I checked your site and I don’t see blank page, I see stats page, posts, pages and everything is working as Could you please retest after clearing browser’s cache If you still see the issue then please share screenshot so we can check and investigate this further.” here it is.  Another blog about, every day life.  Included all the information in quotations it may help someone else.

A reference is made to a “screenshot” in the reply.  Something I’d normally send to aid in clarifying my problem.  The fact I didn’t send one shows me how sleepy I was.  Followed the suggestion to clear the cache and then logged in and it seems to have worked.  I had to search Apple help to learn how to do it.  Not as easy or detailed a process as when I maintain website information on a Windows based PC compared to the way I have to using Apple.

I’ll have to keep using WordPress to see what happens next.  If the same thing happens I’ll try the suggested remedy and see if it solves the issue.  What an experience it was to see the WordPress basic page layout but nothing else.  The screenshot says it all.

For now I’m here writing and working on catching up.  We’ll see what happens next.  -13


Construction Zone: Why I’m back on WordPress

I came back to wordpress to blog because I was not getting the hits on blogger.  I also found it hard to find things, people, information.  As I have been copying my information over the last few hours, I noticed I have received more views in that short time than all of the last six months on blogger.  I wonder if I didn’t do something over there that would have brought more traffic.  It doesn’t matter my focus and expectations are much different this time from wordpress.  Time will tell.  -13