Dash Cam: Compilation 2

South Florida Driving 101 Compilation 2.  Here is video two of your south Florida driving education.  This lesson features “waste not, want not, a stich in time”, “trading places”, “no time for signaling”, “ambulance cut-off”, “special technique parking”, and “yellow-line drifter”.

This video like all the others offered an opportunity to learn something new when editing in iMovie.  I’ve wondered how to highlight a particular moving object or item.  After watching a couple of YouTube videos I was able to add an arrow to follow and highlight two moving cars.  I’m not very good at it, it’s totally amateur and low-budget.  Perfect for this project.  Watch my edits and you’ll see.  I like to use all the editing tools but still keep that 70’s B movie low budget feeling.

Ride along for more south Florida now you know why the insurance rates are so high driving.  Please remember, buckle up and watch for motorcycles, ’cause we’re not driving bumper-cars at the county fair.  -13

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