The Truth about the Cobra CDR 840 Dash Camera. My experience.

The truth about the Cobra CDR 840 dash camera like no other.  If you would really like to know more about this camera and my experience just watch the video and you’ll see how I really feel about this dash camera.  Sometimes, there are no words to express an experience, you have to be there, or, watch the video.   The video is a little long but I don’t think I left anything out.  Hope this little video helps you make your purchasing decision wiser.  One small tip, use a 64 GB card if you want to capture over one hundred 3 minute videos so the auto over record doesn’t delete the footage from earlier in the day.  -13

Dash Cam: Car Wash.

South Florida Driving 101 goes to the Car Wash.  Made a video at one of the places I’ll stop by to get a quick wash.  Usually works and cleans it up all shinny but not too sure the undercarrage wash is working since I can’t hear or feel the water hitting the underside of the car.  Tried the split screen thing for a couple of the wide shots, also for the side view.  Didn’t turn out how I would have liked but it works.


What surprised me was how long it is.  Couldn’t figure out how to make it shorter using editing.  I could have sped up the playback speed but tried it and it was to jerky and had a dizzying effect.  Don’t think making peoples head spin watching a video might be good.  Somebody might get sick.  It’s better everyone has a good time.

I wanted to get a better angle to capture more of the side motion but there is no place to mount the camera’s in the car where they need to be placed to get that kind of footage.  I may get it using a mini van if I can mount the cameras but that, is another project to add to the list. -13

Dash Cam: Compilation 13, 14, 15

South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 13, 14, 15 are online.  13 has the usual no signal kind of stuff with plenty of cut-offs.  14 of course includes all the no signal cut-offs it also has “confused?” which features a truck with turn signal in use completely change directions and “what is going on up there” featuring a driver having a hard time getting between the line.  Then there is “pedestrian crossing” with a little humor and word play.  15 features another “follow me” fool that deserves special attention for making everyone wait and cutting off the entire intersection to avoid doing it the right way.  There is a near miss and perfect demonstration of why to use indicator signals and blind spots.  There are a couple of consistency bad drivers on exhibit as well.  Another rearview montage.  An old man tying his shoes never looks for traffic, just up and walks into the path of bicycle, lucky old man.  Also a close call with a tractor-trailer

On the iMovie learning side of things I’ve discovered that when using picture-in-picture pressing the command key allows movement of the image without snapping to those annoying lines that wouldn’t let me line things up the way I wanted.  The other precision movement thing learned was that if I expanded the timeline out as much as it allowed I could get exact placement on any item.  I found this to be particularly helpful when trying to get my audio timing perfect.  Thats all I can think of for now.  -13






Dash Cam: Compilation 11 & 12

South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 11 & 12 are online.  Finally.  Marathon edit underway!  Catching up and trying to keep up with only a few days not a weeks worth of editing for this project.  Nearly there, maybe this weekend will do it!  I think I’m going to have to cut the blog post for the videos down to once a week so there will be much more to write about and to make it eaiser to keep up with.  Seems like a week-in-review kind of thing, happenings by the week, not moment.  Nothing new to note with my iMovie education this post.  Enjoy! -13





Dash Cam: Compilation 10

South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 10.  This lesson includes a close encounter with “Suddenly -Jet Blue”, and plenty of no signal lane changes.  A little Design District “drive-by-art”, both the north and south side.  “Bug Problems” a place where there are 6 Orkin cars-trucks parked in front.  Makes me wonder what kind of problem they have that needs such a response.




Figured out that the red dot placement on the iMovie world map can be placed at a generally specific location yet have a custom label.  For instance, I choose Miami Florida as a location to get the red dot to display toward the southern part of Florida but change the display name to whatever I want to.  Not a big deal I know but I recently figured it out and wanted to make note of it.  If you go back through the first videos you can see the difference.  Think I figured out the freeze frame thing, I think?  Still trying to refine how to keep the continuity but keep the story brief so everything makes sence. -13

Dash Cam: Compilation 9

South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 9.    Lesson 9 already and a “stack” of digital files waiting to be edited.  Thank you to dK2 for bring us this footage.  What can be recorded on one camera on a trip to Miami and back.  More bad drivers than I could ever imagine.  Used to be a time when these kind of drivers weren’t so readily available.  Clearly that is not the case anymore.

Almost half of the footage is on Miami Beach or trying to get off the beach.  The rest of the footage is the typical kind of driving experience one can expect during any south Florida drive.  Then there are the drivers you hope you never meet in person and have to wonder how they obtained a driver’s license.


iMovie is easy to use but still gives me trouble when I’m trying to be precise placing a freeze frame.  Not sure why I have so much trouble but will figure it out.  Also moving object are still giving me a hard time trying to follow with moving signs.  No matter it is all fun.  Enjoy the bad driving. -13

Dash Cam: Compilation 8

South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 8.  It’s a short one, under three minutes.  It is not short on bad driving wait until you see some of the merges and exit craziness!  No signal lane changes galore!  As always??!!  Plenty of drivers deserving of a good middle finger or horn blast!  Just my opinion.  Most of the footage is in Miami courtesy of dK2.




Editing was fun trying to use the “Do Not” strike out signs.  I think having them float over the car is better than x-ing out the car.  Getting a little bit better at tracking with the “follow me” sign.  It can be hard to track the movements with them at times.  iMovie is working out well for the low budget of the project.  Plus it is easy to use.  The next footage is about ready to be edited  There is some good stuff in them can’t wait to get started. Get ready to see more bad drivers.  -13

Dash Cam: Compilation 7

South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 7.  7 is on YouTube and it’s almost ten minutes long.  When I started this project I had no idea how much material would be captured by the camera.  It’s been a big surprise.  Takes up a lot of time but it is fun.  Makes me get better at editing and picking out the bad driving.

The addition of the rear and side camera on the car I’m using it’s also getting good material.  Didn’t think how useful it could be until this trip.  “Scooter” and “Road Warrior” are good examples.  Both captured the approach and passing which to my eyes adds so much more to the story when able to view all the footage.

“Scooter” is kind of funny to me because I’m always fascinated by how those guys keep getting away with that kind of driving without getting killed.  I’ve driven motocross and street bikes and would never drive like that.  Oddly my favorite part of that footage is the reflection of the bike passing by on the black car next to my car.  It’s why I left it in, could have cut out for time but I liked it.



The “Road Warrior” I really don’t get.  Thanks to the rear camera we can follow the progression of the truck, what it did and how long.  I kept all the footage in real-time.  Keep in mind I always use my signals.  Always.  They are so important I have a kit to repair them on the spot.  Got really dangerous there as he passed me from the right lane.  Huh?  What a spectacular accident that would have been.

This video is from a round trip to Miami back to Fort Lauderdale.  There is a few extras I thought might be worth putting in.  Like, the legal way to change lanes with gold star awards.  The Miami skyline footage is about a minute long and features a short section of I-95 North just where U.S. 1 dumps the traffic onto the interstate.  If you’re into Britto there is a piece of art on a building visible from I-95 north or south bound.  Hope you enjoy. -13



Dash Cam: Compilation 6


South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 6.  Another short one.  Nothing spectacular.  Tried a montage of similar type events captured on the same drive.  I like the way it works and will be using it in the future.  It makes it easy to place the rear view footage.  Sometimes it is hard to match up the timing.

The rear view camera adds so much more material I’m surprised.  Takes up a lot more editing time but it looks like it will be worth it.  Have to stay on top of this project I still have editing to do from March and early April! -13

Dash Cam: Compilation 3



South Florida Driving 101 Dash Cam Compilation 3. Finally made this one. It took a long time to get to it. I thought I had saved all the video but have been unable to locate all the footage taken a few of the days featured in Compilation 3. Looked everywhere.

Had more fun with editing and using symbols to communicate or express a point, joy, etc. Made a better watermark. Okay, it looks good to me. Not much in this one because it looks like I’ve deleted the best stuff.  Laughing at myself all I can add is “beginners!” 100% amature. -13

Dash Cam: Compilation 5



South Florida Driving 101.  Dash cam compilation 5.  Trying to stay on top of all the footage from the two vehicles.   It’s amazing how fast it is piling up.  Picking up my speed as I learn new things.  Editing this kind of footage is time-consuming at the least.  Fun as can be.  Was able to figure out how to add a watermark across the footage to prevent piracy.  Can’t believe I’ve done it but it must be so.  It is a lot of work creating just one video.

This footage is good with chaos and maybe an aircraft engine or wing on fire landing at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport.  Of course all the no indicator signals you need.  Footage is from dK2 filmed in Fort Lauderdale and Miami on March 28, 2017.  Enjoy. -13

Dash Cam: Compilation 4

South Florida Driving 101 time again.  The next video is live on YouTube.  Driving lesson 4 from Fort Lauderdale to Homestead and back again footage courtesy of dK2.  This is just one day of driving experience in South Florida.  Too many titles to mention.  There seems to be a theme in this one of no turn signals.  The people turning in the construction zone reached a new level of dumb.  Look close, they’re working below grade in a manhole.  Not sure why the police officer parked in front of that work crew wasn’t issuing tickets or at least warnings for crap like that.

“Merging Lane Hog” was a particularly interesting piece of lane hoarding.  Not sure what that person was trying to do.  Driving didn’t seem to be one of them.  “Confused ?” reminds me of one thing, the night my friend and I caught a guy robbing a store.  Something about the way the car stops, jumps forward, then moves again.  Exactly the way it began in the highway median that night.

More editing fun with the cloud thought bubbles in “Signal? It’s just an afterthought”.  That was really fun and challenging to make.  And, totally low-budget in every way.  Just the way I like it.  During editing I’ve been noticing a few things in the back ground that went unnoticed at first and unfortunately I’ve deleted them already, videos documenting interesting art, architecture, major highway construction, city skyline kind of things.  Things that are part of a changing history.

It has inspired me to make sure to keep that material and make future videos for everyone to see what things looked like at that particular time.  There is a new title “Building Art”, it features slowed down footage of art visible on buildings or structures.  As always this video is family friendly. -13