Dash Cam: Compilation 4

South Florida Driving 101 time again.  The next video is live on YouTube.  Driving lesson 4 from Fort Lauderdale to Homestead and back again footage courtesy of dK2.  This is just one day of driving experience in South Florida.  Too many titles to mention.  There seems to be a theme in this one of no turn signals.  The people turning in the construction zone reached a new level of dumb.  Look close, they’re working below grade in a manhole.  Not sure why the police officer parked in front of that work crew wasn’t issuing tickets or at least warnings for crap like that.

“Merging Lane Hog” was a particularly interesting piece of lane hoarding.  Not sure what that person was trying to do.  Driving didn’t seem to be one of them.  “Confused ?” reminds me of one thing, the night my friend and I caught a guy robbing a store.  Something about the way the car stops, jumps forward, then moves again.  Exactly the way it began in the highway median that night.

More editing fun with the cloud thought bubbles in “Signal? It’s just an afterthought”.  That was really fun and challenging to make.  And, totally low-budget in every way.  Just the way I like it.  During editing I’ve been noticing a few things in the back ground that went unnoticed at first and unfortunately I’ve deleted them already, videos documenting interesting art, architecture, major highway construction, city skyline kind of things.  Things that are part of a changing history.

It has inspired me to make sure to keep that material and make future videos for everyone to see what things looked like at that particular time.  There is a new title “Building Art”, it features slowed down footage of art visible on buildings or structures.  As always this video is family friendly. -13

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