Worm bin notes: More than I thought!

Update 4, Bin 1.  Good news, roly polys are producing young, all look well.  There are many more worms in the bin than I thought there were.  Larger and smaller worms throughout.  Surprisingly there were worms down in the section I’m not putting waste down on.  They’re consuming the cardboard and getting inside like they usually do in the other bins.

I tried to record my moving substrate and waste to look for worms but it wasn’t working well.  I think the yellow gloves are causing problems with focus and light reflection.  I’ve also noticed that when I have a microphone on my lapel it is below where the lip of the bin is so it is mostly blocked when I’m speaking.  Not sure how to deal with the glove issue but the mic issue is an easy one to solve.

As I moved the waste around I can see they need less waste.  Not enough to handle anything but small amounts at this time.  An example might be one mango or half of a cantaloupe rind lasting for about two weeks.  It was exciting to see all the young worms.  Not sure where they all came from as it did not seem like there were many to start with.  Maybe there were eggs in the soil from the planter.   Also noted with still images in the video is the size difference.  When I placed them in the bin they were as small as the worms featured in the still image but the larger ones in the image is what I’ve been seeing the last few weeks since I first noted the change.

Thought I’d add the wheat/oat grass we grow for our cats.  It last for several weeks then dies off so I add it to the bin as leaf litter.  Seems like this bin has all it can handle for the next 2 or 3 weeks.  I’ll monitor the conditions and maybe add something from the waste bin in small quantities until the population and mass size increases.  Looking forward to seeing how this bin progresses over time. -13

Check out the video!

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