Worm bin notes: Ingredients

Pineapple- Added skin cutting/core of one pineapple, worms found within a day, completely consumed within a week in both bins. Next time I’ll either photo or video the experiment.

Onion- Added end pieces to both bins. At day 2 the underside had many of the smaller worms but the adults seemed to stay away. I’m sure they weren’t larvae of something else. Will take photos or video next time.

Broccoli- Added several stalks. Next day the odor was noticeable several feet away from the bin. I noticed that day the worms were all over the waste in the bin. By the next day they had all withdrawn below all of the waste they were feeding on. I removed as much as possible to the compost bin. Follow up will be in the next post. I’ll never put broccoli in my worm bins again, only the outdoor compost.

Cucumber- I didn’t think there would be any issues with cucumbers in the worm bin. I wasn’t sure the vinegar soaked ones would go over well so added one small slice in a couple of the corners of the bin. Surprisingly they had disappeared. There was about half a cucumber left so I divided it between the bins. By the 3rd day it was all gone. I’ve noticed that with most of the food the worms will be eating from the underside, but not with the cucumbers. Each time I’ve put it in the bin they are all over it.

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