Worm bin notes: Worms from Nowhere

Thought I’d make a video of the newly set up worm bin. It has been running for 2 plus weeks at this point. The bin was empty after I had introduced roaches into the bin on the cardboard I use to directly cover the substrate. I prefer it to shredded paper because I can quickly remove it and see/smell the condition when I want to.

The motivation to restart the bin came from finding infant size earth worm looking species in what I thought was sterile soil mixed last year stored in plastic bins. After counting 20 worms in a small area, I moved the small pile of soil and placed it on top of the moss prepared days before. Waited a few days then started to introduce vegetable waste.

The worms I found were at the top, mostly clustered in an old patch of oat and wheat grass I’d grown for our domestic cats munching on a mango. They had tripled in size. For now going to leave it as it is then add more wastes in a few weeks or so. -13

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